The Team

Chris Dowell

Chris has been involved in engineering and motor sport since he was 16 years old; he’s been working at ATME for 7 years on all aspects of the company. He is married to Phill and has two children. When he’s not in the workshop, you’ll find him mountain biking with the family.

Andy Maggs

Andy is a young man with boundless enthusiasm soaking up all the knowledge handed down by Chris and Andrew. One of Andy’s roles is to keep the company up to speed with new technology. He has been working on historic racing cars for the past seven years. Like Chris, he’s a fanatical mountain biker.

Mervin James

Mervin is part-time in the workshop and largely deals with our electrical needs, regularly conjuring up tailor-made wiring looms.  He is also an experienced mechanic and responsible for many important restorations.

Richard Shimmin

Richard is also part time, helping Andrew with his dreaded paper work. It’s a distraction that Andrew loathes; he’s far happier in the workshop. Richard is a farmer from Herefordshire.

Andrew Tart

Andrew oversees all jobs, builds all engines and designs the suspension modifications. He has been tuning suspension and engines for over 30 years. He’s also not a bad motor racing driver.